What is a VISA?



What is a VISA?

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A Visa means ( Visitor Intending to Stay Abroad)

    • Is assistance provided? 
      Documents list needed for Visa processing is provided


    • Interview
      Guests are required to personally attend the interview


    • Fees
      Visa fees are included in the tour cost (In case the respective consulate or Ministry alters/increase/ decreases the visa facilitation fee, then the revised cost will be applicable)


    • Probability of Grant
      No assurance or guarantee of granting of the Visa can be given.
      As stated, Bonzer World is just a facilitator for procuring visas. We will not be able to represent any visa issue, either pre or post submission and after issuance of visa. Bonzer World requests all its guests to cross-check their visas copies and intimate any discrepancies well in time to their travel advisor


    • Refund in case of Rejection
      Tour price is refunded after deducting the Visa application fees and cancellation charges


  • Booking Name 
    All the travel arrangements are made as per the name on the Guest’s passport