Accommodation Facilities



Accommodation Facilities

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    • What does twin sharing mean?
      2 adults sharing one room with two separate beds.


    • What does double sharing mean?
      2 adults sharing one room with one double bed


    • What does triple room mean?
      3 Adults share one room with either two separate/ one double bed and third person with an extra bed / mattress


    • What do you mean by Single Occupancy?
      Single occupancy means only a single person stays in a room


    • Which type of hotels do we stay in on tour?
      Standard and comfortable hotels which are conviniently located are selected


    • What happens in case of a single guest?
      Option 1: Single Room Occupancy *(subject to single occupancy charges applicable to the Guest)
      Option 2: Room sharing with mutual consent between single travellers


    • Is there a room sharing guarantee on the Speciality Tours like Women’s Special, Seniors’ Special, Singles’ Special, Students’ Special Tours? 
      Room sharing guarantee is given on the above mentioned Speciality Tours


    • What is the room sharing price for one adult and one child?
      For Indian Tour, child below 11 years: child has to pay adult tour price
      For World tours child below 11 years: payment is to be made in 2 parts – INR component of the child tour price and FOREX component of the adult tour price.


  • What is the room sharing policy for three adults and one child? 
    Provision of 2 rooms for a family of 4 *(in case the guest has a child accompanying then s/he has to pay the adult forex tour price)