How are the seats allocated?

  • Seats allotted in the coach are on ‘First come, First serve basis’
  • Seat numbers 1 and 2 are reserved for the tour manager/guide
  • Seat numbers 3 and 4 are ‘Prime Seats’ which if available can be booked by the Guest by paying an additional cost
  • Guests wanting to avail the first seats, should book as early as possible by paying the registration tour amount and an additional amount to avail the first seats
  • Prime seats option is not available for Mauritius and Andaman Tours

What is the duration of internal travel?


  • The length of the journey differs from country to country/ city to city / itinerary to itinerary
  • In group tours there would be restroom and refreshment halts during the journey

What type of Meals/Beverages are normally provided on tour?

Group tours

  • Continental Breakfast, Indian Lunch and Dinner
  • Pre-set vegetarian food along with one non vegetarian dish with local/ fast food item at times

Signature Holidays

  • Breakfast only
  • Lunch and dinner available on request subject to location and the restaurant/hotel availability
  • Breakfast and dinner are included in certain packages (Kindly confirm your on tour meals during booking)