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Be a Preferred Sales Partner

In 2017, we had the vision to create a world of affordable travel. Destiny had presented us with the golden opportunity to explore new avenues in tourism and hence the idea of Bonzer World was conceived. We assembled a great team, worked together and the work flowed throughout almost effortlessly.

Bonzer World has traversed a long way from its humble beginning towards being reckoned as global travel organisation. Innovation, affordable travel, teamwork, collaborative partnership & mutual respect define this organisation. This transformational journey has been made possible through the dynamic leadership of our ambitious directors and the professional expertise of our people. We call this combination the ‘P-A Balance’ or the ‘Professional-Ambitious Balance’.

The very own purpose of initiating the concept of Preferred Sales Partner is to create a platform for enthusiastic entrepreneurs to launch their own business. Our definition of growth is not just earning profits; it involves happiness of guest & increased business with our partners.

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Why associate with Bonzer World

  • Active across every travel segment including Group Tours, Inbound Holidays, Free Individual Travel, Short Tours, Corporate Travel and Specialty Tours such as Women’s special, Students, Singles, Seniors’ Honeymoon, Single’s, Men’s etc Also we are into Educational Tours (Both Domestic as well as International
  • Our tours offer the best programmes, with meticulously planned itineraries and all-inclusive tours conducted by professional, experienced, enthusiastic and seasoned tour managers.
  • A wide array of more than 1200 dream vacation options.
  • Our dynamic and Committed Team Plays a very Important role in our Growth.
  • Time-tested core values: Integrity, Respect, Teamwork and Creativity, have gone ahead to define our work and Bonzer culture

What support will be provided by Bonzer World

A good platform to work with a growing brand like Bonzer World

User ID & password of reservation On-line system

Sign boards “ fascia” in (Soft copy)

Market outreach and promotion through advertisement, offer leaflets, etc.

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